Exterior Pricing

Because there are so many variables on the exterior surface an on-site estimate is the only way to accurately produce a cost estimate. However, please find the following pricing guidelines to help approximate the cost of your project:

Exterior Painters in Frederick, MD
Smooth Surface Siding $150 to $225 per 100 Sq Ft
Stucco Wall $250 to $400 per 100 Sq Ft
Brick Wall $200 to $300 per 100 Sq Ft
Synthetic Shutters $142 Pair
Exterior Door $140 Each
Overhang Boxing (Fascia, Soffit Gutters) $3 to $10 Per Linear Ft
Window Frame $80 to $160 Each
Surface Preparation $60 per hour

* The pricing list serves as a guide only and not an offer. While the prices are accurate other conditions may affect the overall price such as surface condition, access difficulty, age of building and surface prep required. Surface Preparation not included.