Frederick Painting & Supply, Inc., located at 7890 Gambrill Park Rd. Frederick, MD 21702, is a reputable painting company offering residential and commercial services. Their Google My Business site, accessible at, is a comprehensive platform detailing their offerings and credentials.

The company’s story and commitment to delivering high-quality results are clearly outlined on the site. They provide both residential painting and commercial & industrial coatings, making them versatile for varied painting needs. In addition to this, they offer employment opportunities, underlining their growth and commitment to the local community.

Their site also showcases a portfolio of their work, testimonials from satisfied customers, and details about their credentials. These elements build trust and transparency, illustrating their professional capabilities and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Interior and exterior pricing details are also provided, giving prospective customers a clear understanding of the cost implications. The FAQ section addresses common queries, further enhancing the user experience on the site.

To contact them, visitors can use the provided contact information: 301-473-4773 or

This Google My Business site is a one-stop destination for anyone seeking professional painting services in Frederick, MD.